Underground works

Tunneling has always been the core business of the company. The specific know-how and the accumulated experience allow us to follow the development of the tunnel from the plan to the work, both for road, railroad, hydraulic and underground tunnels.

Tunnels with TBM, Precast segments

The Prometeoengineering.it has accumulated considerable experience in the field of mechanized excavation for which he has been able to develop a high competence in the design of precast concrete segments for lining tunnels, also making improvements on their composition through analysis carried out the real test with in partnership with fire brigates. In particular, our services are:

Maintenance of existing tunnels

The maintenance of safety standards designed for tunnels is ensured by the execution of maintenance services to be identified on the basis of cost-benefit analysis, developed from the knowledge of the general reference dashboard for a given tunnel.
In addition to the structural and plant adaptations required in accordance with the Legislative Decree 264/06, most of the existing tunnels were built with techniques and materials no longer used today.

Geotechnical works

Prometeoengineering.it has gained experience and professionalism in the field of environmental engineering, especially for everything related to geotechnical works. In particular, our services concern

Security design

Prometeoengineering.it has developed the IRAM (Italian Risk Analysis Method) security design methodology, in accordance with recent regulations. The IRAM method has been applied in more than 300 km of tunnels and it is now nationally and abroad recognized and appreciated. In particular, our services concern

Suspended emergency escape route

The suspended emergency escape way is a Prometeoengineering’s patent which constitutes an innovative solution to the need to create safe escape routes into the tunnel. The advantages are related to the type of the prefabricated construction, construction times and also economic matters. In particular, our services concern:

Ventilation Systems

Prometeoengineering designs optimized ventilation systems considering the costs of construction, operation and maintenance with an eye on safety in case of fire, integrating the operating modes of the plant with the procedures to be implemented in case of emergency. In particular, our services concern

Plant equipment

Prometeoengineering.it is a leader in the design of safety tunnel plant equipment thanks to the constant technological updating and the research that has always distinguished the company. In particular, our design services concern the following systems:
• lighting
• water-based fire-fighting
• communication
• fire detection
• traffic / accident detection
• luminous signs
• radio
• supervision
• prefabricated bypass module