has been able to design innovative technological solutions and methods for the solution of various problems, such as:

    • the methodology of safety design and risk analysis IRAM (Italian Risk Analysis Method), of which the technical and scientific validity is recognized in Italy and abroad, applied on over 300 km of road and railway tunnels, including: the tunnels of network TERN longer than 500 m under the management of Autostrade per l’Italia SpA, the railway tunnels of Milan-Genoa line and some subways like M4 of Milan;


    • the Suspended Emergency Escape Route, an innovative and effective evacuation system, visible today in the tunnels along the Strada dei Marmi at Carrara and Sellero tunnel;


    • the Prefabricated cross-connection module, an innovative solution for the safe evacuation of users making technical improvements and cost advantages;


    • the fire resistant concrete, of which composition has been optimized through experiments on the real tunnel lining varying type and arrangement of the armor, the possibility of additive with synthetic fibers or steel, quality and type of the concrete and the possibility of passive protection as fire resistant mortar;


    • the automatic fire-fighting systems that, thanks to the constitution of a new reality for innovative solutions for tunnel safety (iTunnel), constitute a new integrated system, an intelligent robotic system that travels on rails, able to act independently without damaging the present people


Research and Development