was born in Rome in 2005 under the leadership of eng. Alessandro Focaracci, from which it inherits design experiences acquired in the realization of almost 300 km of road, railway and metro tunnels, such as:

  • High speed railway lines Rome-Naples and Bologna-Florence,
  • Undergrounds of Rome, Milan, Lyon, Barcelona and Marseilles. works in the field of safety and has developed the latest design methodologies (IRAM) and the emergency plans, of which the technical and scientific validity are now recognized both in Italy and abroad.

The following year the company has joined the FASTIGI Foundation, of which is still one of the most representative members, where it works actively in the research and development of engineering infrastructure.

Also in 2006 obtained the Quality Certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 for “design, consulting and technical assistance in the field of infrastructure and soil defense.”

In 2008, the Company has qualified in the system of qualification engineering service of RFI (Italian Railway Network) for the following categories of services:

  • A1 (services related to railways, buildings and related equipment)
  • B2 (services related to railways, buildings and related equipment)
  • B8 (geological and geotechnical studies)
  • B9 (hydrological and hydraulic studies)